Zorb Soccer

Bathurst City Community Club’s Zorb Soccer is able to cater to all groups and sizes. We service everything from bucks parties, functions, family picnics, school fairs and events, festivals and just ordinary bookings with friends. If you want to use our service, we’ll make it happen! We will even travel to you!

How Zorb Soccer Works

  • Games are 20 minutes with a 10 minute break in between halves
  • A waiver must be signed before participating in the sport
  • A minimum age of 14 years is required to participate or minimum height of 1.5 meters
  • Each teams consist of 5 players
  • Players must stop on the sound of any whistle from the ref
  • Time does not stop for any whistle unless otherwise noted by the ref
  • You cannot use your hands
  • You can use the Zorb to block shots and control the ball if you are standing up
  • If you fall to the ground you can’t attempt to kick or block a shot
  • While on the ground you must not attempt to kick or interact with any other player
  • You CAN make contact with a player while they possess the ball from any side
  • You CANNOT make contact against a player who doesn’t have the ball
  • Contact against anyone not playing and not in a Zorb is strictly prohibited
  • Any contact made outside the field perimeter is strictly prohibited
  • Charging at one another from opposite ends of the field is strictly prohibited
  • No alterations are to be made to the inflatable Zorb Soccer Balls in any manner
  • Loss & Damage

    Please note that should any loss or damage occur to the BCCC Inflatable Zorb Soccer Balls due to miss use or destructive behaviour by members of your party a replacement fee ($250.00 per inflatable Zorb ball) will be charged to the individual who made the booking.

    Hire Costs

    The hire fees associated with Zorb Soccer are $10.00 per head / per game (with a minimum of $200.00 required for a private booking).

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